Schnepf Farms

The Outbreak at Schnepf Farms

The Outbreak: a disease spreading across Arizona. The Outbreak is turning people into the undead. ZOMBIES! Recent developments at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek have had a positive impact because currently the farm is working with the government in a top secret mission to figure out the best approach keep to this disease contained.

The Problem:  During the training exercises, the farm manager has noticed what appears to be zombies running towards vehicles that are taking recruits out to test fields. The manager said he does not want to comment any further on what he thinks is really happening.

Your Mission:  Hundreds of brave zombie fighters are needed to train for this secret mission. You will be armed with weapons (paintball guns!) and asked to board 40′ Zombie Combat Vehicles (hayrides!) that will take you to the fields to save us all from The Outbreak. The government needs your help!

– You do NOT need to purchase a ticket to the Pumpkin & Chili Party in order to enter The Outbreak
– Separate Admission from Pumpkin & Chili Party unless you buy the “Ultimate Experience”
– You WILL be on a moving wagon
– You WILL be shooting “zombies” with paintballs
– You WILL be provided with protective eye gear
– Must be at least 36″ to board the trailer
– No refunds are offered under any circumstance
– Expect 3-4 hour wait times on Friday/Saturday Nights
– The ride length is approximately 15 minutes


ADMISSION Includes Paintball guns and 100 paintballs. (You will have an opportunity to purchase more at $5 per 100)

  • $25 plus tax at the OutbreakAZ gate
  • $35 Fast Movers Ticket- skip the line at The Outbreak ONLY
  • $15 Student & Military Ticket at The Outbreak gate ONLY (with ID)
  • $15 if you are at the Pumpkin & Chili Party and you want to enjoy the new attraction. You will be able to re-enter the Pumpkin & Chili Party after you complete your mission.
  • $18 if you purchase online
  • $32 for the Ultimate Experience Ticket (both the Pumpkin & Chili Party and The Outbreak in one night

Days )

Every Thursday- Sunday in October from October 1st to October 30th.


Thursdays – Sundays 7:00pm-11:00pm


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