Schnepf Farms

Peach Blossom Celebration


The Peach Blossom Celebration was created so that you could enjoy the beauty of the farm while hundreds of trees are dotted with Pink and  white blossoms. Once a year over 80 acres of fruit trees start blooming at all different times and once a year, we open the farm up to celebrate that beauty. When visiting you can take a train ride, hay ride, walking train  to see the orchards. Some orchards are smaller than others some may be in full bloom, while others are just starting. “like” our FB Page to keep up to do on when all the blossoms are at their peak.


Thursday – Sunday  in February

Time: 9am to 4pm

Admission: $3 for 9 and older. Includes walking trail, petting zoo.

  • Guided Hayrides $5pp This is the must-do when visiting the Peach Blossom Celebration. You will get a personalized tour with Mark Schnepf, farm owner, who will take you to the orchard that has the best bloom. There will be time to get off the hayride for photo taking
  • Hayride tours times: Thursday & Friday 10am, 11, noon, 1, 2pm and 3. More added as needed.
  • walking trail – we have set up a pathway to enjoy a beautiful walk towards the orchard in bloom. If it’s a gorgeous day, then this may the one for you.
  • train ride $3pp- enjoy a 13 minute train ride through one of the orchards that typically blooms the third or fourth week in February.
  • Don’t miss the Country Store and Bakery where we start with our cinnamon rolls and Peach Pies.
  • UPICK Organic Garden available to pick every Thursday through Sunday
  •  farm fresh eggs

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**Those interested taking professional photo’s with clients, please schedule a time. There is a slight fee for use of the farm for any sessions. $100 for 3 hours, thank you