Schnepf Farms

Time is winding down

As we push towards the end of May, 2014 I can already feel myself slowing down. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the relaxation in my future. It has been a wonderful peach season, thank you all who came out. We still have peaches through Memorial Day, so it’s still kind of exciting! But coming up in June it’s all about the UPICK. Our veggies are still fabulous, even though they are a few more weeds than we want. We should have artichokes, cucumbers, zucchini, crooked neck and summer squash, water melons, brussel sprouts, tomatoes all during the month. We will also be picking from our Apple trees beginning May 30th. The Country Store, Bakery, breakfast and more will all be open through June. Watch out for some of our sales that happen during the month. And then at the end of June, we close for two months to give us time to plow up the fields, plant new crops, plant more trees, fix rides etc…. So come on out through the whole month of June and have some fun Down on the Farm!