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2012 Press Mentions

Chicago Sunday’s Daily Herald Queen Creek #15 Friendliest City

2012 Az Central Best Fall Fest
2012 New Times Best UPICK Garden
2012 Best Place to take the Kids, Experience Arizona
2012 SAan Tan Valley Best place to take the kids
2011 Az central Best Pumpkin
Featured top 10 foodie events
2011 featured Dinner down the Orchard Sunset Magazine
Designated Arizona Treasure, Governor Janet Napalitano

2011 Press Mentions

March 2011
Featured in Sunset Magazine on Agritourist Destinations for Dinners Down the Orchard

May 2011
Phoenix Magazine Lists Peach Picking and Peach Festival as one of the top 10 things to do this month

2008-09 Press Releases & News

January 19th, 2009

The historic Arizona Republic on inaguration Day of President Obama. An editorial inside on the front of Living section, The title, What Obama’s Cabinet would look like…Arizona Style: secretary of Defense (a cardinals player), Janet Napalitano is already Director of Homeland Security…but they mentioned Secretary of agriculture? “Mark and Carrie Schnepf of Schnepf Farms”. Can you imagine the Pumpkin & Chili party held in the Rose garden? Or how about an amazing corn maze in the middle of the White House lawn?

January 16th, 2009

Mark Schnepf was featured on the cover of the East Valley Tribune on a story about Agritourism. In that same issue, but separate story. The reporter talks about the Grand Opening of our new experience on the farm called “Fresh Jazz.” Live jazz music every Friday and Saturday night. Click here for a flier.

Schnepf Farms “Dinner Down the Orchard.” is being featured in Arizona Republic’s “Yes” magazine April 2009

Press release on Cooks and other’s “picking their own” Click here.

Press Release annoucing our new experience at the farm restaurant called “Fresh Jazz” Click here to read and click here to see flier

Schnepf Farms “Dinner Down the Orchard” was featuring in Sunset Magazine June 2008

Featured in “The Post” Sports Magazine 2 page spread December 2008

Featured in Sunset Magazine for our Dinner Down the Orchard June 2008

Press Release on the unveiling of new attractions at the Pumpkin & Chili Party Click Here

Press Release on the unveiling of our Celebrity 10 acre maze Click Here

Press Release on Media Coverage for Muhammad Ali visit with 25 media on-site and it was broadcast on ESPN, the TODAY SHOW and others about 157 stations around the world Click here and then search for Schnepf Farms on FOX 10 to watch video from the day he arrived on the farm. Our maze is even featured at the Ali Museum, he took it back personally.

2007 Press Releases

Press Release on “Schnepf Farms becomes NEW location for Arizons Ag Day March 2008” Click Here

Press Release on “Fresh from the Farm Restaurant” opening Click Here

A recent article in the East Valley Tribune about our “Fresh from the Farm” Country Restaurant click here

Press Release on “Schnepf Farms unveils Celebrity maze” Click Here

Press Release on “Schnepf Farms opens refurbished roller coaster” click here

Press Release on “Schnepf Farms attracts EdgeFest to farm” click here

2006 Press Releases

Press Release on “Celebrating 65 Years of Farming” Click Here

Press Release on “Winter Wonderland Back by Popular Demand ” Click Here

Press Release on “Schnepf Farms designated as an Arizona Treasure by Governor” Click Here

Press Release on “The Nest Haunted House coming to Schnepf Farms” Click Here

Press Release on “Schnepf Farms Pumpkin & Chili Party 2006” Click Here

Press Release on “Celebrity Maze” Click Here

Schnepf Farms has been very fortunate to receive extensive media coverage. Here are a few of the recent articles found in some publications.

November 2007: Schnepf Farms is featured in the East Valley Tribune talking about the opening of the new “Fresh from the Farm” restaurant

October 2007: Schnepf Farms Pumpkin & Chili Party was again named Best “Fall” Festival by Phoenix Magazine

October 2007: Schnepf Farms unveiling of their “celebrity maze” featuring MVP Steve Nash is featured You Tube. It shows him flying out to the farm and seeing himself carved in the maze for the first time. A surprise!

July 2007 : Schnepf Farms new Farmhouse Reception Center and “Dinner down the Orchard” was featured in Front Page Magazine.

December 2006: Mark and Carrie Schnepf and their family were selected to be the Grand Marshall’s for the Queen Creek Christmas Parade, scheduled for December 9th, 2006.

November 2006: Mark and Carrie Schnepf are listed in an Arizona Republic column naming 20 of “Arizona’s most intriguing Chief executives.” Jon Talton, Business Section November 23rd 2006.

October 2006: Governor Napolitano visit’s Schnepf Farms and designates it as an “Arizona Treasure,” along with the Arizona Office of Tourism

September 2006: Schnepf Farms is listed as “One of the 50 Things Every Phoenician should do at least Once.” September issue Phoenix Magazine.

September 2006: Schnepf Farms is featured in the Tribune Newspaper announcing the anniversary for celebrating “65 Years of Farming.” Click here for a press release on this announcement.

December 2005: Schnepf Farms is featured during a Christmas Special by a German Television Station similar to our Countries “Discovery Channel.

September 2005: Schnepf Farms is named as “Best Family Fall Attraction” by Phoenix Magazine.

September 2005: Schnepf Farms announces they are partnering with SRP to purchase 100% EarthWise Energy. It’s the first commercial business to do so in Arizona and the potentially the first farm in the country to purchase “renewable energy.” Scroll down to read the entire press release.

August 2005: Make sure if you are flying American Airlines this month check in the back seat cover for the “American Way” Magazine. Schnepf Farms is featured!

May 2005: Schnepf Farms was featured in the National Publication of Entrepreneur Magazine. The story was on “continuing on with a family business.”

September 2005 : Schnepf Farms is featured in Phoenix Magazine about “growth in the valley of the sun, and what is happening to all of the farms.”

October 2005: Schnepf Farms will be featured in “Valley Guide” Magazine which is in all hotels in the Phoenix area and concierge desks.

October 2004: Schnepf Farms was featured on CNN while Larry King talked about himself being carved into a 10-acre cornfield.

October 2004: Schnepf Farms was featured in “People Magazine” as they talked about the Larry King Maize.

Schnepf Farms was recently featured in the following magazines. Click the cover photo for the entire article (in Adobe Acrobat format – click here for the Acrobat Plug-In).

Schnepf Farms becomes 1st Business Customer to Use 100% SRP EarthWise Energy to Power Family Farm.


–FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — September 7, 2005

CONTACT: Carrie Schnepf at (480) 987-3100 or mobile (480) 283-3612

A Valley Farm Goes Environmental…a first in the state & possibly country!

QUEEN CREEK, AZ. Making it the first business in the state and one of the first farms in the country, Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, Arizona announces today that they will begin purchasing “renewable energy” to operate 100% of their business. In a partnership with SRP’s EarthWise Energy program, purchasing this power means that the farm’s energy sources will now be cleaner and naturally replenished.

“We are excited with this new partnership” says Mark Schnepf, 3rd generation farmer and owner.

We have been inviting people to visit our family farm for over 50 years, and now when they visit, they will know that everything we provide for them on the farm is organically grown, operated by renewable energy and baked by power that is the cleanest for our environment. -Mark Schnepf

We wanted to take our direction a step further and invest in clean renewable energy. -Carrie Schnepf

SRP EarthWise Energy Program offers a diverse mix of local renewable energy sources including solar, wind, landfill gas, geothermal and low head hydro. The energy produced is sent to SRP’s main system, where it becomes part of the primary energy supply for customers.

Although purchasing of “green power” is a little more expensive, “it is worth it,” says Schnepf.

Currently the Schnepf’s will be purchasing approximately 186-thousand kilowatt hours of green power a month to operate their farm. This purchase of 100% of green power prevents as much carbon dioxide from being emitted as the planting of 34 football fields or trees or taking 30 cars off the road each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Power Profiler.

Schnepf Farms attracts almost 250-thousand people a year that visit the farm during the 5 month season, which begins October 1st. Over 30-thousand school children visit the farm to learn about vegetables and where their food comes from. “We are one of the last remaining true-family farms in the valley, and we hope to remain that way. We want to continue our farming tradition and pass on our legacy to our children, and caring about the environment is one step closer to preserving that legacy,” says Mark Schnepf.

This year, Schnepf Farms is celebrating 65 years in operation. They are known for their peach season in May and Pumpkin & Chili Party in October. They were also just proclaimed by Phoenix Magazine as Arizona’s “Best Fall Attraction.” Schnepf Farms was recently featured in American Way In-Flight Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine as well as People and USA Today. “Renewable Energy is really our future,” says Schnepf. “When visitors come to the farm in October everything they see will be powered by SRP EarthWise Energy. We are proud of what we are doing for the public and for the environment.”

“Schnepf Farm’s purchase of enough renewable energy to power their entire farm clearly demonstrates their commitment to environmental stewardship,” says Lori Singleton, Manager of Environmental Initiatives. “We are hoping other business customers will consider making that same commitment.”

Schnepf Farms opens for the season October 1st, 2005 for the Pumpkin & Chili Party. They will be open every Thursday through Sunday through the entire month. Rides such as a roller coaster, narrow gauge train, honeybee adventure and carousels will all be operating using EarthWise Energy. Everything baked in the bakery, will all be baked fresh using EarthWise Energy. Farm buildings, John Deere gators and 3-TV’s new weather camera, will all be featured using SRP EarthWise Energy.

To find out more about Schnepf Farms visit their website at or call(480) 987-3100 or to find out more about the EarthWise Energy program, SRP customers can call (602) 236-2744 or visit


East Valley Magazine – Winter 2000

Seeds of Change
by Gail Fisher

Rescuing the family farm meant launching a new trend for the enterprising Schnepfs

“Racing pigs, corn mazes, a petting zoo, narrow gauge train rides, melodrama theater, corporate retreats, pumpkin and peach festivals, dueling banjos and bluegrass and country concerts – no this isn’t your grandfather’s farm”…

Phoenix Magazine – March 2002

“Show the kids that fruit and vegetables don’t actually grow in piles in Safeway produce departments. The Schnepf family’s working farm in Queen Creek, for example, is open to visitors”…

Mark and Carrie Schnepf were just awarded the 1999 Environmental Award from the Arizona Farm Bureau for our farm. Presented by Valley Forward.

As seen in Larry King’s People News and Views in USA Today

“Mark and Carrie Schnepf of Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, Ariz., a small community outside Phoenix, have redefined the term farm. They’ve turned to entertainment and education, and nearly 250,000 people have visited not only to pick fresh fruit and vegetables, but also to attend country music festivals and have educational tours of the surrounding area. This is a farm for fun… “