Schnepf Farms

San Tan Memorial Gardens

For over 70 years, Schnepf Farms has been a part of the Town of Queen Creek. Farm owner, Mark Schnepf has seen many changes over the years and one change that he is able to bring to the community is opening the Town’s first Cemetery, San Tan Memorial Garden’s at Schnepf Farms.

San Tan Memorial Gardens at Schnepf Farms opened December 28th interning fallen soldier, Kyler Estrada, petty officer 3rd class HM3, United States  Navy. The 7-acre cemetery is surrounded by peach orchards and has a beautiful view of the San Tan Mountains. -Mark Schnepf

Feel Free to visit the Memorial Gardens during business hours or schedule a visit with our office.
Memorial Gardens PHONE: (480) 987.2488

or email directly to:

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