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Lease A Peach Tree

The Sweetest Gift All Season Long

The Perfect Gift!!  Own your very own Peach Tree for the year!

Our trees are 100% organic with no pesticides or fertilizers of ANY kind used on the trees or in orchard for over 45 years.

Be a part of something unbelievably sweet….Lease your own Schnepf Farms Peach Tree for the 2014 season. Lease your own Peach Tree and enjoy the sweet goodness of Schnepf Farms Peaches without any of the hassle. This is not only a great idea for the person who LOVES the taste of great peaches, but it’s a perfect gift idea for the person who has everything!

We grow six varieties of peaches. The orchard for lease is Earligrande, considered to be our BEST peach flavor, color and size it is specially set aside for our lessees and mapped out with your name on your tree.

Fruit crops vary year to year, and you will share in the excitement and risk of what each year brings.


$210.00 per tree…all trees are organic no pesticides, fertilizers of ANY kind have been used on trees or in orchard for over 45 years.

You receive:

  1. An assigned tree with your name.
  2. A map of the orchard showing where your tree is located.
  3. Notification of when your tree is being pruned so you can either participate or simply enjoy watching.
  4. We will notify you when the trees are in bloom, but Mother Nature may pose problems
  5. Notification when fruit is almost ripe and suggested times to come out. You will have approximately 10 days to harvest your fruit. We provide the boxes.
  6. On a good year, you may pick between 100 to 150 pounds per tree. On a typical year approximately 100 pounds
  7. Trees are ONLY available to lease up to February 15th, 2014 After that we no longer lease for the season.

$85.00 additional if you want us to pick the peaches at the peak of ripeness and deliver them to your doorstep within Phoenix Metro area. We will only deliver within the Phoenix Metro Area only.

Please click here to reserve your tree or Email Mark Schnepf directly to

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