Schnepf Farms

Peach Season 2016

UPICK Peaches available EVERY day until gone!

May 24th – Memorial Day   7:30am-4pm

(the Country Store & Bakery are only Open Thurs-Sun) 


HOURS: daily 7:30am-4pm


COST: If U-PICK $2.20lb.  

We provide bags & boxes


Peaches from Schnepf Farms have been named and featured in Wine Spectator Magazine as the best in the country and for over 50 years, the Schnepfs have continued to extend their season by planting more orchards with different varieties. Peaches like Earligrande, Springcrest, Florida Prince , Florida King are all popular varieties that grow extremely well in the Desert climate.

Our Peach Season begins before any other location in the Country.  Its an incredible season that lasts almost 5 weeks.

1st Variety  – Super Lady –  very small orchard, but peaches are juicy & sweet CLOSED! 

2nd Variety – Snow Angle. A medium orchard with small to medium size peaches.  White peaches do not have any acid and are full of sugars. CLOSED

3rd  Variety – Florida Prince, a medium sized peach – closed

4th variety – Earligrand, the largest peach grown on the farm  –  Available Now

5th variety – Springcrest, a medium size peach – AVAILABLE NOW

6th variety – Florida King – Closed

7th variety – Princess Peach – Open Wednesday May 26th

8th variety – Schnepf Peach – Open Thursday May 27th



Please NOTE …Availability is affected by Mother Nature.

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