Schnepf Farms

The Country Store & Bakery

Stop in for fresh cookies, pies,  warm cinnamon rolls, breakfast, lunch and good Old Fashioned Fun!

The  original Roadside stand has now been transformed into our Country Store & Bakery. It is stocked full of gifts, preserves, salsa’s, fudge, homemade goodies and more.  Take your time to browse around, sample some of our product  or just enjoy the country air as you sit out on the farm patio or under the big shade trees to enjoy breakfast or lunch.

Hours of Operation*

Thursday – Sunday  8:00am to 4pm

To Order from our Bakery please fill out our  Bakery Order Form for special orders or to hold fresh baked goods prior to coming to the farm. You can fax the completed form to us at (480) 987-3338 or scan and email it to


Preserves $7.95
Amaretto Peach
Red Raspberry
Cherry Raspberry
Plum Cherry Preserve
Cherry Blueberry Preserve
Boysenberry Preserve
Damson Plum
Very Berry Preserve
Peach Jalepeno Pepper
Cinnamon Apple Cider Jelly
Spreads $7.95 (sugar free)
Red Raspberry
Fruit Butters $8.95
Apple no sugar
Cinnamon Candy Apple

Copy of A morning on the farm as Winter turns to Spring0031
Pickled Products $6.95
Pickled Beets
Pickled Okra
Dilled Green Beans $10.95
Chow Chow
Hot Chow Chow
Black-eyed Pea Relish
Sweet Fire Relish
Red heat pepper relish
Pineapple sweet fire
Corn Relish
Squash Pickles
Spicy Garlic Pickle Chunks
Green Tomato Pickles
Bread & Butter Pickles
Dill Pickles $10.95
Pickled Quail Eggs $12.95
Sweet baby corn
Pickled Jalepenos
Candied Jalepenos
German Sauerkraut
Pickled Asparagus $10.95
Spicy spring veggies
Marinated artichokes $10.95
Marinated mushrooms
Spiced peach halves

Picanto Sabroso Apple Spread
Chipotle Apple Raspberry
Chipotle Apple BBQ Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Honey Habanero BBQ
Jalapeno Honey mustard
Black-eyed pea Dip
Queso Extreme Cheese Dip
Loco Cheese Dip

Salsa’s $6.95
Videlia Onion Peach (mild & sweeter)
Peach (mild)
Pepper Patch (mild)
Habanero (hot)
Five Amigo’s (medium hot)
Mango Salsa (mild)
Salsa Grande (very hot)
Tomatillo (mild)
Avocado Salsa (mild) $10.95
Ghost chili salsa (hot)  $10.95
Dressings $9.95
Videlia Onion Summer Tomato
Videlia Onion Peppercorn
Lemon Peppercorn Dressing
Videlia Onion Creamy Cucumber
Creamy Videlia Onion
Videlia Onion Honey Mustard
Videlia Onion Poppyseed
Ranch Lovers
Balsamic Herb Vinaigrette
Balsamic Bleu CHeese
Peach Pecan Dressing
Apple Pecan Dressing
Peach Dressing
Organic Sesame Ginger
Organic Honey mustard
Organic Roasted Garlic Vinegar
No Fat VO Vinaigrette