Schnepf Farms

Farmer For The Day


“Farmer for the Day”

The program includes lunch and a visit to see the farm animals. It began in 1998 with Farmer Bob, Carrie Schnepf’s father.

Dates:  First Saturday of  every Month April 6th, May4th, June 1st

Cost: $20.00 for each child

Hours: 10am to 1pm  (time will start earlier the warmer it gets)


  • Head out to the garden
  • learn to irrigate
  • plant a few seeds
  • pick veggies to take home
  • Enjoy a hot dog lunch

What to wear: long pants, close-toed shoes and sunscreen.

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Robert Biggs
Born May 15th, 1928 – passed away November 18th, 2004

Bob Biggs or “Farmer Bob” as most people knew him, was a 4th generation Arizonan and proud of the fact that his great grandfather helped settle Lehi Valley in 1878. Bob Biggs loved visiting Schnepf Farms when his daughter, Carrie married Mark Schnepf. In 1991. In 1999, Carrie established “Farmer for the Day.” He also drove to the farm each day to educate 1000’s of school children on the importance of agriculture. He will be remembered by the many who were taught what a “dirt farmer” really does. His patience and love of educating the children was felt by many parents.