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Carrie’s Therapeutic Garden Lunch

Carrie’s  Therapeutic Garden LUNCH

Do you every wake up and wonder what you should do?

Do you ever just have One of those Days when really nothing makes you feel any better?

Do you ever just want to stay in bed all day?  or not think? or not do anything?

And my favorite…Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up and you finally realize you are getting older?

“That happened to me the other day and I finally drove to the farm, gave my husband a hug and cried for sympathy and then headed out to the garden to pick something. I was out there for an hour,
just enjoying getting my hands dirty, looking at the veggies, tasting them and then making something yummy. It was a whole process that when it was done,
I felt like I accomplished something. I felt rejuvenated and full of life again.”
That’s what my Garden Lunch is all about.
  • Relaxing,
  • slowing down,
  • enjoying friends,
  • getting dirty and
  • eating healthy!
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Dates:   Every Friday through May beginning February 24th 
Time: 9am to noon
We’ll see what is growing  
You will learn the proper way to pick veggies and then enjoy picking for lunch
we’ll just have fun out in the garden, maybe even pulling a few weeds (depending how stressed we are)
We’ll spend time washing the veggies and prepping
find out all the different ways to eat the particular veggies we picked.
prep for our lunch 
set the table and enjoy a afternoon in the garden enjoying the fruits of our labor 
COST:   lunch  $12  per person includes whatever we make & sparkling water (NO Soda’s allowed)
If you would like more vegetables to take home, those can be picked  $1 pound.
Reservations preferred, but  not required. Meet at the Country Store at 

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